Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rough Day

Caught another couple of losses today. One was an outright loser, the other low ticked me out before working. I did re-enter and get the winner but it didn't do much to help the bottom line. The new setup hasn't really been panning out like I expected. Had I traded my normal "Bread & Butter" setups i'd be up on the week, but not by much.

One of the frustrating things is that i'm trading off the OEC Demo feed, and I built all of my rules trading off a true Range Bar chart. Well a couple weeks ago they started testing a Momentum Bar on the Demo feed, which means i'm now trading off Momentum Bars, rather than Range Bars these past few weeks. I have no recourse other than opening up a funded futures account with them which I don't want to do.

Here's the illustrated version to see what i'm on about if you're curious:

They told me today that they would be changing this on their next release which was coming "soon". It just kind of sucks because as traders we try and keep everything in our setups and approaches consistent, and then you have some outside force beyond your control waltz in and f*** it all up.

Trade Results:
3 Trades, 2 Losses, 1 Win
Gross P/L: $-82.50/per


Michael said...

Hi Matt,

Over what time period did you test this setup, and how did it do?

Matt said...

Over a one month run, and it averaged a 2.5 profit factor during that time period.

Michael said...

Could it be that market conditions, trend, volatility have something to do with it?

Or maybe your just going through a drawdown period that this method goes through?

Matt said...

The optimistic side of me says its just a drawdown... markets are pretty much as they were last week and trough the forward-test period.

Hopefully what i'm developing right now can put everything i've done up until now to shame :) More to come soon!

Hope all is well Michael!!!

Michael said...

I hope it works out as planned for you Matt, I know you've been working very hard at it.

Good Luck!!!