Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Its Hammer Time

For my account... I had to shut down early today for the first time. Took 3 back to back losers. Luckily two of those losers were in the NQ/YM so the $ damage was minimal but after racking up close to 200.00 in losses I called it a day. I took the trades that were there, just none of them worked. So in the interest of self preservation I threw in the towel around 9:45 this morning. Frustrating, but I can dig myself out of a 200.00 hole. To keep trading with a slightly jaded mindset and potentially digging myself deeper wasn't something that sounded like a good plan.

No one day should make or break your account!

Trade Results:
3 Trades, 3 Losses
Gross P/L: $-192.50/per


Anonymous said...

Not to beg, of course, but I always like when you post how your losers worked out. Just for educational purposes and such. Care to comment?

Of course, I wouldn't be unhappy if you didn't comment.

Matt said...

Worked out? As in show the trades or what?

Anonymous said...

Those charts you post. You show the ones that work often, but I'm curious what a loser looks like in your world.

Matt said...

Ahh... well here is one for you.

FX said...

Thumb up for discipline.

Anonymous said...

Thanks man, I appreciate it.