Monday, April 12, 2010

No Trades - This Time for Real

Just nothing came down the pike for me today. Some markets were running, but a lot of them were making some funky big wedges and basically not giving me much to go off of. But today's lack of trades was not due to being scared like it was on Friday. Bring 'em on... i'm gonna nail each one of them this week.

Trade Results:
No Trades
Gross P/L: $-.--/per


E-Mini Player said...

Today was an ideal day to take off! It was such a grinder. The day session range in ES was whole 5 points!

Matt said...

What a nice change to have Awais actually trading again! Now I actually have someone to talk to about the daily market action! :)

E-Mini Player said...

I have the Euro FX Futures chart up on one of the screens most of the day, but all my trades are in CL and ES. I am researching Euro and will start taking trades in that market soon.